November Newsletter

Happy November!

Last Friday we had an all-school sing along with Buddy. Preschoolers were still singing "I am not scared" on the playground.
We are going to celebrate the brighter moon by learning "The moon is in the sky" song and adding supporting sensory activities.

We are going to continue our Vermont animal unit in November and early December. Both the preschoolers and the kindergarteners responded so well that we want to provide opportunities for them to ask more questions and choose leaders in each group. We would also like to help children connect new information and ideas to what they already know. They will have opportunities to share and learn from each other. So for example a student for the fox group, will be able to learn about bears, raccoons, chipmunks and squirrels as well. We sure want to dig deeply into the subject and learn more.

Please remember that your children are learning all day during meaningful exercises in the following areas: fine motor, art, sensory, math, reading and writing.  In our large group of preschoolers this year, it is most effective to provide small group experience. Last week I had an opportunity to play "What is missing" game with your children. Doing the upcoming days we are going to provide measuring opportunities for children to measure and compare, for example using paper clips, toilet paper rolls, bears, straws and other non-standard measures.


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