December Newsletter

December 5, 2015

Ms. Moore visited our  preschool classroom last  week and demonstrated emergent storybook reading.
She will be coming back to read to the whole group. She will focus on a very specialized type of reading aloud that is a bit different than "regular" read-aloud.
Our preschoolers were happy to share about their knowledge of characters, a problem, and a solution from “The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear”.  

To support preschoolers and their emergent reading skills we are going to read aloud a few new stories again and again in the month of December.

We are going to begin this month with discussing the opportunities for giving and celebrating during the month of December. In addition, we will introduce various festivals and celebrations ( Winter Solstice, Holiday traditions, Chanukah, some traditions from Poland and more). Please share books from home if you have any. The goal is to learn and celebrate. Parents are welcome to join and help with various crafts, games  and baking.


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