Preschool Math is FUN!

Your preschoolers are frequently exposed to math instruction. The children have been working in small groups by age and skill level. Here are some photos:
 Carton of Eggs:
  1. How does this child match up each egg to a space in the carton?
  2. How does he grasp and move the eggs?
  3. In what ways does he attempt to fill the carton?
 Magnet Counters: Show me strats and count.
 Number Hunt: Capture the numbers in the jungle.
 Lacing Beads: identify shapes.
 Toilet paper count: ability to immediately recognize the total number of items.
 Pattern blocks: " The window is a rectangle, the wall is made of hexagons"
 Measuring worms: Sorting, Patterning, Measuring and Problem Solving Activities.
Magnet Counters


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