Beginning of May in Preschool

Preschool Newsletter - Smilie Memorial School

Dates to remember:

Wednesday May 10 - Delayed start - No preschool, Part 2 Open at 7:30 am

Thursday May, 11: Mrs. K’s class and Mrs. Cole’s class meet together for Project Based Learning activities ( Day 1)

Monday, May 29 - Memorial Day. No School.

During the first week back to school, we had fun with our SMILIE ZOO in the dramatic play area and learned some new words: stethoscope, syringe, echolocation.

The game of a week was ECHOLOCATION ( dolphin-fish). We practiced the letter Z and traced patterns and zig zag lines.  In Math, we practiced four shapes, including circle, square, triangle and star.

We also made some amazing crowns with paper.

Children made oobleck and new playdough. We listen to the Elephant’s story by Tracey Campbell Pearson and talked about friendship.

We currently are preparing to begin a student-led learning focused on  zoology. Stay tuned for more.

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